Terms & Condition

We, Prime IT, are committed to give you a higher standard service. We don’t compromise with our standard for any reason or condition. To maintain this standard, we have to follow some principle very strictly which can be called ‘Terms of Service’ or ‘Terms and Conditions’.

Before using ‘Prime IT’, our product and our service, read our service terms with full attention to avoid any kind of embarrassing situation and to continue a healthy relationship. If you do not agree with us, please stop here and leave us. By visiting our website, you are giving your full consent that you agree with all of the following mentioned affairs.

What does mean ‘Prime IT’

‘Prime IT’ will always refer to itself, it’s employees, it’s partners and other third parties who will be mentioned on its website.

Annexation, Alteration and Reservation of Terms

Prime IT preserves all the right to make any changes of any section, sub-section or the whole chapter of terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice. In detail, this part of terms and condition means, Prime IT can increase or decrease any service fee, course fee and product price without any kind of prior declaration.

Third Party Websites

We, Prime IT, must not be liable for any third party website reference. Product quality, facilities and cost rate of various services etc. are totally their own matter. For any questions about them or their product or service, contact them directly and try to verify their authenticity at your own responsibility. 

Course Fee, Service Charge and Product Cost

All the courses we run are under fixed one-time payable fee. To cope up with the present situation, course fees (all courses we run) can be revised (increased or decreased) by us at any time without declaration. Before admitting to the course the present value of the course of this time will be payable.

We always try to give our client the best service. But in an inevitable condition, our provided service and service charges are also changeable.