Business Consultancy

We are one of the most successful and top listed industrial and business consultant groups in Bangladesh. Our focus is honesty and punctuality and we do Believe professionalism in every sector .

We provide all kinds of unique Consultancy services such as business promotion, Industrial promotion, Loan promotion, Credit promotion, Micro credit promotion, Donation promotion, Company related consultation.

Above all we are the first consultant group in the industrial world for offering technical and financial services. Consultant Group stands for detail feasibility reports ,New project Identification, Project feasibility and Market study, Identification of Lucrative Industrial project opportunities, preparation of project profiles, Pre-investment And Detailed Feasibility studies, Market surveys, studies, Market survey cum Detailed Techno- Economic Feasibility reports on all kinds Industry, NGO & Business.

We also provide consultancy services to Company Registration, NGO Registration, Foundation Registration, Society Registration, Trust Registration, Trade Mark Registration and others related jobs.


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