About us

About Prime IT

Prime IT is the leading IT firm and training center based on ‘Freelance Outsourcing’ in Bangladesh. Prime IT started its journey in the online outsourcing and service world in January 2011. Prime IT deals with all kinds of freelance outsourcing activities including any sort of IT enabled training and services like multimedia development, graphic design, web design & development, hardware & networking, online promotion, outsourcing for all type of businesses.

The main objective of Prime IT is to provide high quality services to their valuable clients and achieving their full satisfaction.  Prime IT also working for transform the unemployed people to self-employed to boost up the economy of the country by earning foreign currencies through online freelance outsourcing through develop and implement their skills.

Why Prime IT?

Though Bangladesh is one of the developing countries of the contemporary world, it has enormous number of population. Huge Population means a big number of work forces if these populations can be able to work in various sectors of living. But the main problem is to accommodate these workforces in the limited number of working industries in the country. There are huge numbers of educated but unemployed people in Bangladesh. Most of them don’t even know about online freelancing which has tremendous opportunity for employing these unemployed people. We only want most of the unemployed people will be employed and live a normal life as others.

So Prime IT runs various courses to make qualified personnel for this inexhaustible sector (Online Freelancing) of New World. If anyone come and learn our courses, he or she will be highly qualified for working in ‘Online Freelancing Sectors’. Moreover, a successful freelancer can earn more than as usual job that we normally deserved by working less hours from their professional counterparts. So why people don’t take this opportunity to build their career in freelancing sector which will grow day by day unlikely as usual job. We only insist you to come and learn then work and earn.



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